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At Enroll Medicare, we realize you’ve been calling the shots for almost five decades, and that experience has only made you smarter and better. With so many Medicare supplements on the market and so much at stake, why shouldn’t you have the freedom to evaluate all of them and decide based on your years of experience? 

Here’s a little secret: Medicare supplements are all the same; they only differ in price. When you’re adding coverage to Original Medicare, you’ll be shopping for bundled specialized services, so you want all the options and complete transparency to make sure you’re paying for everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Imagine you’re buying a car. You want a basic vehicle, but you also need heated seats. For this particular brand, that puts you into the most expensive model regardless of whether you need the other features in the premium package. Perhaps another vehicle maker would allow you to pay for only heated seats on top of the base model price, but you’d have to visit hundreds of dealers to find out, and even then they might try to upsell you. Buying supplemental Medicare insurance often feels like this, but it doesn’t have to.

More About US

Our purpose is to help make Medicare simple to understand while empowering you to take control of a decision that could impact not just your health but also your finances for a long time to come. We offer every single supplemental Medicare policy available from all carriers, not just a few proprietary plans. We help you understand how to navigate the various policies for which you’re eligible, allowing you to narrow them down to exactly what you need—and then sort by price.

The days of inviting your local agent to your home to discuss a small handful of plans are over. Enroll Medicare is completely contactless and thus Covid-19 safe, while still offering all of the information and support you need. We will never try to sell you on features you don’t need or won’t use, but we do offer free claim support for life. You’re never more than a call or an email away from help with your supplemental Medicare coverage.

The idea of choice in health coverage may be a completely foreign concept. Think of all the years you had whatever health coverage you or your spouse’s employer offered. Maybe you reached your deductible just in time to ring in the New Year, or you shouldered recurring high co-pays for a condition requiring a specialist. Like many people, you probably met these surprises with resignation that has clouded your perceptions of what health coverage can be. Medicare is whatever you want it to be, and Enroll Medicare is here to help you make the most of your newfound freedom of choice.

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