Electronic Records and Electronic Delivery

Electronic Records and Electronic Delivery of Notices, Disclosures, Documents and Information

This Site provides information about health insurance products and allows you to start the enrollment process or enroll in the products of your choice.

You consent to conducting comparisons electronically via the Site This means that you agree to submit information to EnrollMedicare or SilverScript through this Site.

You received this document electronically in relation to a solicitation for insurance with SilverScript.

If you decide to conduct business with SilverScript electronically, you may consent to the electronic delivery of notices, consumer disclosures, documents and information related to your application for insurance with SilverScript. Your consent will only apply for the specific transaction of applying for Medicare Supplement insurance from SilverScript. Before you sign an application for Medicare Supplement insurance, SilverScript is required to provide you the following Documents:

  1. “Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare”;
  2. An “Outline of Coverage” for Medicare Supplement insurance specific to your resident state;
  3. Any other state-specific forms; and
  4. This “Notice of Electronic Delivery of Consumer Disclosures” (collectively referred to as “the Documents”).

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you consent to receiving the above Documents electronically by accessing them on the Site.

If you decide to complete an electronic application for insurance from SilverScript Insurance Company, at the end of the process you will be asked to provide an electronic signature which will be applied to your application and to other state-specific forms electronically. Your electronic signature will be as legally binding and enforceable as if you had signed on paper with a pen.

If you decline the electronic signature process, EnrollMedicare and SilverScript cannot continue processing your application electronically. You can still apply with a paper application, but it could take longer to process your application.

If you want a paper copy of the Documents, but still want the Company to process your application electronically, we will still need your consent to receive the Documents electronically. You will not be charged for paper copies of any of the Documents you request.

The hardware and software descriptions below that are what you will need to use this Site for enrollment to shop for health insurance, start the enrollment process and to receive consumer disclosures, written communications, plan documents, enrollment instructions and confirmations electronically (“Electronic Records”).


  • Hardware/ Operating Systems: Any PC or MAC with standard Operating Systems
  • Browsers: Please refer to the “Browser Requirements” link at the bottom of each web page where you log in to on this Site
  • PDF Reader: Adobe Reader version 8 or higher
  • Internet Bandwidth:High-speed internet connection recommended
  • The computer hardware and software used to access this Website on the Internet is all you will need to access the Electronic Records and other documents provided to you in electronic form.  To retain copies of these documents, you May 1) print them from this Website, or 2) save an electronic copy onto a computer.


By registering on this Site, you agree to conduct business using the EnrollMedicare platform that SilverScript is licensed to use for purposes of enrolling in a health insurance plan offered on this Site. This means that you agree to submit enrollment information to SilverScript through this Site and agree to accept delivery by electronic means the Electronic Records. This means you are agreeing that EnrollMedicare and SilverScript may deliver Electronic Records or information about your health care coverage to you at your email address. You also agree that the Electronic Records or information about your health care coverage that we deliver to you electronically will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including that those communications be in writing. If you wish to revoke this consent, you may do so by removing your email address on the Site or by calling the toll free number that appears on the Site, but such revocation will not affect any actions that SilverScript or EnrollMedicare may have already taken in reliance on your initial consent.

You are responsible for reviewing for inaccuracies in all the information transmitted to you. If there are inaccuracies, you are responsible for correcting them using the tools available to you on the Site or by calling the toll-free number that appears on the Site.  You are also responsible for keeping your contact information up to date to ensure timely receipt of instructions and confirmations.  You can update your contact information on your profile page at any time or by calling the toll-free number that appears on the Site.

If you do not wish to use this Site for enrollment, contact the toll-free number that appears on the Site for instructions on how to enroll via a paper form.

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